About Us


At COWI, we are a mindset brand. Bringing you clothes to match your persevering self. We’re a brand that is not limited to one demographic of a person or thing. The “Come On With It” mindset is simply, just that. The hustle, grind, and self motivated mentality is who we are.

 The phrase “Come On With It” started out as a greeting to one another. A saying you’d yell to your buddies from across the room and they would know who it was. Something you’d say when you needed a little motivation, that inner voice. It was also used to compliment and congratulate one another. Quite a few of our “day1s” would use it to end their social media post (i.e “can’t wait to go to the lake this weekend…COME ON WITH IT!” or “just finished my first marathon today…COWI” and so forth. It’s a phrase that is lived by on a day to day basis and is limitless to each their own.

 We are, COWI Brand. COME ON WITH IT! 

-Many Thanks-

 We cannot be more appreciative to all of those who have helped make this company happen.  From family, friends, acquaintances, and everyone in between.  The people that have physically supported us by spending their hard earned money without asking for a handout, you are the real MVP’s.  Going along with our supporters, much love to all of our “DAY’1s”.  You’re the ones that believed in the COWI mentality from the beginning. You have shown relentless patience and faith in us and for that we can’t thank you enough.  Many, many thanks to everyone that has had a part in contributing to COWI (you know who you are, and we’ll never forget you). 

Welcome to the COWI Crew!

 -Thomas Crofoot